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A Japan Box is being shipped out with a gift certificate inside.

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Quick FAQ

  • When will I get my snack crate?

    For new customers, your crate will ship soon after you sign up (usually within a week).

    After that, your account will renew on the 5th of each month and your crate will ship by the end of that month. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and may vary from month to month.

    You can always check the status of your order (and see when it will ship) in the Snack Tracker on your account page.

  • Why does it take until the end of the month for future SnackCrate's to ship?

    Everything in your SnackCrate is made and imported just for you. After your order is confirmed on the 5th, the order for your snacks is submitted to the manufacturer. After your snacks are freshly made, they are flown to the United States and submitted to U.S. Customs. After they are inspected and approved for safety, they are boxed up and shipped out to you. This process takes about 3 weeks from the day your order is confirmed.

    This is the real deal. Your snacks are coming directly from the country of the month and that takes a little time.

  • What should I do if I have a problem?

    You should contact customer happiness by email at We're real people that love snacks and we're always happy to help!