Caribbean SnackCrate box

Grab your swimsuit and get ready for a tropical snack adventure like no other! From rum-filled chocolates to crunchy garlic plantain chips, this unique collection of treats will have your taste buds singing just like an Island Boy.

Image for St. Mary's Banana Chips

St. Mary's Banana Chips

The perfect anytime snack! These dried banana chips are crispy and delicious, with a tropical twist that will take you away to your favorite beach vacation spot.

Image for Bonanza Bar

Bonanza Bar

Need a quick pick-me-up? This one is for you! Enjoy a bite of creamy nougat and crunchy almonds wrapped in a generous layer of smooth milk chocolate.

Image for Spicy Monster Paws

Spicy Monster Paws

As if the Caribbean isn't hot enough, these crunchy and cheesy corn snacks are made with a blend of spices that will send your tastebuds running for shade.