Czechia SnackCrate box

A curated collection of genuine Czech snacks that beckons you on a flavorful adventure through the nation's diverse culinary tapestry. From savory sensations to delectably sweet indulgences, each crate promises a tantalizing exploration of Czechia's dynamic street food scene and cherished gastronomic heritage.

A sneak peak at Czechia

Image for Hobzovy Garlic Crisps

Hobzovy Garlic Crisps

The holy grail of garlicky goodness and crisp quality made by the famous Petr Hobza family who take pride in their spin drying process to form authentic ‘crisps’ not ‘chips’.

Image for Jojo Cactus

Jojo Cactus

Chewy, tangy, cactus shaped sour gummies exploding with fruity, juicy fillings from Jojo, Czechia’s largest sugar confectionary.

Image for Banany Bar

Banany Bar

Rich dark chocolate enveloping a generous amount of sweet jelly banana inside for an overload of banana flavor. This classic Czech staple has been around for over 90 years.

Image for Miva Chrumky

Miva Chrumky

Crunchy, corn puffs powdered in a sweet and salty peanut butter dusting giving a burst of addictive flavor. A widely popular snack across Czechia and Slovakia.

Image for 3 Bit Biscuit Bar

3 Bit Biscuit Bar

This popular Czechian bar features 3 epic layers of creamy milk chocolate encasing a crunchy biscuit covered in cream filling. Experience a unique texture and flavor explosion that's unlike your average American chocolate bar.

Image for Bringing the Unique Czech Flavors to You.

Bringing the Unique Czech Flavors to You.

Discover a handpicked selection of 10-12 delicious treats capturing the diverse flavors and culinary ingenuity of the region. Each snack is sourced exclusively for SnackCrate, ensuring an authentic taste adventure.

Over 7,000,000 Crates Shipped.

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Zoe Snowbell

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Love getting this and sitting down as a family. Learning about the country and trying all the snacks!! Great family time


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We love opening our box every month! I'm actually coming to the website right now to see how I upgrade to premium.

K Pulv

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One of our favorite subscriptions I’m not ashamed to pay for lol. Come on Poland, we can’t wait to try you out!!

Melissa Solomon

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